Can We Bring Back Blogging?

Day 661:

Yesterday I woke up in the afternoon after a long tiring night. The day went by pretty quickly — I hardly had enough time to finish up layout for this week’s issue of mathNEWS. Maybe when I look at it tomorrow, I’ll see all the mistakes that I missed. Well, I guess it’ll be okay, as long as it’s not as bad as V141i5… *shudders*.

mathNEWS 143-3

2020, Here We Come

There’s only three weeks left ’til the end of the 2010s. The imminence of a brand new calendar decade puts me into a reflective mood — I think to myself, how much have I grown these past ten years? How has the world changed? And perhaps most importantly — what’s to happen in the next ten years to come?

Maybe it’s no use to dawdle on that last question. It’ll be December 2029 before we know it…

…Wait, you just wanted to read updates about the Natural Log stuff? I guess we have that in this issue too.

mathNEWS 141-6