CS 135 owes us

This week is a somber one, as we have a mere 20-page issue due to CS 135 kidnapping all our writers. The mathNEWS editorial team offers its most humble of apologies, and pray that the great and merciful students of UW will find it in their hearts to forgive us for this.

(No, the joke will never be beaten into the ground enough)

mathNEWS 138-4

We all wish we were in first year again

It’s a new term, and after seeing all the wee little young’uns wandering around campus, I guess some of us can’t help but feel a little nostalgic.

What I mean by this is that several people have demanded to see the orientation issue we made this year, i.e. the issue that’s basically just information for first years that everyone else already knows. But the people have spoken so, uh, here you go I guess.

mathNEWS 138-0