The last mathNEWS issue ever (possibly)

Dear readers,

I regret to inform you that the title might be unfortunately true. I am writing this in a hurry to escape whatever or whomever is following me. I am currently in a safe spot, but I cannot be sure it will be safe in any given minute. I cannot reveal where I am either, for this is the safe spot for all editors, and I cannot risk our safety.

We thought that it would be a harmless April Fools joke, but some organizations have been deeply offended by our “act”, and have come for us in swooping vengeance. They haven’t caught us yet but I can’t be sure since my phone ran out of battery and the internet is down and all our pigeons are dead. OH GOD!

Please, readers, spread the word; we will NOT be silenc


Happy belated π day, y’all

May your pie piece (or slice) be as delicious as the math homework you complete before the day it’s due. The free slice (or piece) of pie may be finitely eaten, but may the wondrous taste of your devoured beloved linger in your memory infinitely like the digits of π.

… Until the next pie slice, that is.

mathNEWS 139-4