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We all make mistakes; some are just done more intentionally than others.

So apparently people eat Tide Pods®. Seriously? What the hell are our brains even for at this point?

But speaking of malfunctioning brains, it’s just (at least, at the time of this writing) come to my attention that I made a typo while transcribing last issue’s (mathNEWS 136.2) haltingPROBLEM: the 2 and the 5 in the fifth column from the left are in the wrong spots, so from top to bottom, the column should read “1 2 5“, instead of “1 5 2”. Stupid mistake on my part, really, and especially after promising that this one was solvable. For what it’s worth, if you swap those two numbers, it really does have a unique solution. (Again, I checked with the correct numbers, and itorED can vouch for it.)

Anyways, here’s this week’s mathNEWS:

mathNEWS 136.3

Sorry about the mistake in the nonogram everyone. Have a great Reading Week.