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Happy First Day of Classes!

Here’s this year’s orientation issue, featuring helpful tips on navigating university if you’re a firstie (and if you’re an upper-year too, honestly), memoirs, short stories, lots and LOTS of hyperlinks, and a lookAHEAD you don’t have to rotate your screen or break your neck to read (side note: I have never felt so accomplished as when I figured out how to do that in InDesign).

mathNEWS 144-0

Can We Bring Back Blogging?

Day 661:

Yesterday I woke up in the afternoon after a long tiring night. The day went by pretty quickly — I hardly had enough time to finish up layout for this week’s issue of mathNEWS. Maybe when I look at it tomorrow, I’ll see all the mistakes that I missed. Well, I guess it’ll be okay, as long as it’s not as bad as V141i5… *shudders*.

mathNEWS 143-3