mathNEWS Issue 97.5: Friday, March 18, 2005

Hood and Ship

I have undertaken the task to compare and contrast "hood" and "ship".

From the above discussion, we see that hood and ship are remarkably similar. But they also differ in significant ways.

More subtly, when referring to a group of individuals sharing something in common, they have slightly different meanings. The suffix hood refers individuals sharing a specified state or character, whereas the suffix ship refers to individuals participating in a specified activity.
Now that we've explored the similarities and differences between "ship" and "hood," the interested readers among you can explore the possible meanings of "hoodship" and "shiphood." The REALLY interested readers among you can also explore the meanings of {(hoodx)(shipy) | x,y : Integer > 0} and {(shipx)(hoody) | x,y : Integer > 0}.

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