mathNEWS Issue 95.4: Friday, June 25, 2004

The 26 coolest ways to say "Cool"

Surfer Lingo

A. Awesome
B. Bodacious
C. Cowabunga
D. Dude
E. Excellent
F. Far Out
G. Groovy
H. Hang Ten
I. Incredible
J. Jumping Jehosophat
K. Killer
L. Ludicrous
M. Mondo
N. Narley
O. Ostentatious
P. Poundtastic
Q. Quixotic
R. Radical
S. Spectacular
T. Tubular
U. Unbelievable
V. Vicious
W. Wicked
X. Xanadu
Y. Yowza
Z. Zoolander

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