mathNEWS Issue 88.6: Friday, March 28, 2002

A Guide to Eating Sushi in Kitchener-Waterloo

"Sushi for any meal is a wonderful thing, but sushi for lunch helps you forget the horrors of the mornings and prepares you well for the horrors of the afternoon."

Laura Lemay

Already this sounds pretty pathetic, since there are about four sushi places in all of Kitchener-Waterloo. But as a transplanted Montreal sushi addict, I am determined to try all of them and report my findings.

Mr Sushi, University Plaza
Mr. Sushi has now opened his own sushi restaurant next to the University Food Market (his previous location). He also supplies the Math C+D on campus.

The Math C+D sushi goes quickly, so you can only usually get sushi there from noon to 1:30 or so. Prices are quite good; for $4.25 you can get (8 pieces) [Eight! — TaxiEd]:

All of these are quite fresh and good. It has happened twice (in about 70 times of eating C+D sushi) that I've had some salmon rolls where the fish tasted not so fresh, but every other time has been quite good.

At the restaurant itself, prices are pretty reasonable. You can usually eat your fill for about $10 or so. The spicy salmon rolls are excellent, and Mr. Sushi is super nice. Once he was sitting down to dinner when I came in, and he offered me some soup that he was having for his dinner.

Sushi from Vincenzo's
Vincenzo's is a gourmet grocery store, where it is quite easy to spend too much money. On the weekend, they have a sushi chef who makes simple rolls: tuna rolls, California rolls, salmon rolls and a few others. These are all delicious. I don't usually like California rolls, but I like these ones, and their spicy tuna rolls are amazing. Rolls are about $4-6 for a tray of 12 small rolls. Definitely recommended.

Seoul Soul
Seoul Soul is a Korean/Japanese Restaurant in the University Plaza. I've only eaten there for lunch, since dinner there is quite expensive. Their lunchtime specials are small yet expensive. The sushi is good, but the portions are quite small, and I'm usually still hungry afterwards. One sushi plate is about $15 at lunchtime, with tax and tip. Ok, but it's better to go to Mr. Sushi.

Sushi from V1
1 word: Don't. I don't care how hungry you are, and how much you want sushi, don't eat the sushi at V1. It is completely gross. The price doesn't matter, since you really don't want to eat there.

Sakura Island
I went there for lunch one day, and ordered their sushi special. The waitress and sushi chef were both rather gruff. I was completely disappointed with my meal: tiny nigri sushis with fish that didn't taste very fresh, boring presentation (the meal was supposed to be something like 10 pieces of sushi, but a lot of them were the same), and a $15 or so price tag. Totally not worth it.

The moral of the story is that I really miss Montreal.


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